Since 1998 we have had our own small company that produces the most extraordinary biker leather vests and jewelry parts under the GOGINOW label. As with many small success stories, we also started at the kitchen table. Today GOGINOW is a company that makes a variety of beautiful things out of leather and silver. It is very important to us to always create something unique for our customers. All vests, belts, motorcycle saddles, bags and our streetware are always made individually for the customer. Working with craftsmen who understand their trade is also part of our philosophy. Our extensive knowledge of the handling of leather, combined with the talent to create our own designs, are now inspiring our customers all over the world. In addition, we manufacture and refine other objects such as shoes and high-quality furniture. The cooperation with upholsterers and car upholsterers has borne the “wildest” carried.


Tailor-made biker leather vests and cowls in the best quality. Individual pieces for real bikers.


Motorcycle seats and saddles, sidebags, tool rolls and saddlebags specially made for your bike.


Belts, biker wallets and silver jewelry from GOGINOW are indispensable for every old-school biker.


Kevlar reinforced leather vests offer optimal protection while driving. Our product “Kevbody Proof” stands for perfect protection.


All leather products from our workshop are lovingly handcrafted. In this way, individual pieces are created that have been made just for you. The designs and cuts are kept indefinitely, so that a restoration of your GOGINOW product is always possible. We make beautiful things that will accompany you for a lifetime and give you joy. Leather becomes more and more beautiful over time. The individual traces that arise through use are the special thing that you give to your piece from GOGINOW. We personally guarantee the quality of our products.